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Current Opening:

Position Description, Requirements and Responsibilities

POSITION: Coordinator of Children’s Activities

DESCRIPTION: The Children’s Coordinator will be responsible for the planning and directing of a comprehensive Children’s program.

REPORTS TO: PPR Contact Person

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • Must exemplify outstanding Christian attitude and witness.
  • Must support the Church Mission.
  • Must work well with staff and others.
  • Be adaptive to changes recommended to and approved by the Administrative Council.
  • U  DDevelop and plan, in conjunction with the Administrative Council and Pastor, children’s programs for services, activities and special events.
  • Must participate in continuing education as related to children’s programs on an annual basis. (Funding provided by the church)
  • Must comply with all requirements of the church “Safe Sanctuary Program”.
  • Be available to all children that fall within the guidelines of the children’s  program.
  • Plan programs to include topics of interest and concern that will reach all children of the church and the community.
  • Responsible for the planning of short and long range children’s activities and submit a quarterly and annual calendar of plans to the Administrative Council and the PPR Contact Person.
  • Be available to attend Administrative Council meetings and report on children’s related activities or concerns.
  • Maintain discipline and Christian values in the Children’s ministry in cooperation with the Administrative Council.
  • Responsible for coordinating additional programs for children.
  • Recruit and train volunteers along with theme decorating of Children’s facilities.
  • Insure the Children’s facilities are maintained for cleanliness and for the needs of the program.
  • Insure that all children, active and inactive, are provided information on all upcoming events and activities by mail, email, bulletin and newsletter.
  • Develop an inclusive outreach program that reaches out to all children of our community.
  • Work with the Sunday School Superintendent to promote the Sunday School Children’s Program.
  • At no time attempt to manipulate the thinking and desires of the children as a whole that would contradict a Christian attitude and witness.
  • The Children’s program is encouraged, but not limited to, Cokesbury Methodist literature and must be approved by the Pastor.
  • At all times, lead by example.

Compensation Plan:

The salary for this position will be recommended by the PPRC and approved by the Finance Committee. The salary will be based on the education and experience of the applicant.

he Children’s Coordinator will be allowed 2 Sunday mornings vacation/sick days per year.

Payday will be the 15th and the 30th of each month.